Educational and proctoring solutions for teachers, students, professionals and educational institutions


We offer services that engage and improve individuals using advanced tools and resources—provided with only the best trainings and programs in achieving educational upskilling and career development. At Big Pond Education, we believe that our professional educational services contribute to the success of individuals in their academics and professional endeavors.


We provide professional development trainings for teachers and educators to ensure that they are equipped with the latest teaching methods and strategies.

and Equipment

We offer an array of educational hardware and equipment designed to make teaching and learning interactive and convenient for online, blended, and hybrid classes.

IT Helpdesk

We have a team of responsive IT experts that provide reliable support, ensuring your concerns are addressed promptly so you can focus on what matters most.


Big Pond Education is dedicated to providing only the highest quality of services to improve the educational experience for both students and teachers. We uphold our mission and vision to make a positive difference for every student, teacher, education, and educational institution in the Philippines.

We Support Teachers and Educators

We help teachers and educators promote creativity and innovation in teaching through our professional development trainings. By providing access to high-quality training programs and resources, they can hone their skills in teaching and inspire their students to be lifelong learners. Teachers and schools will also be able to provide a dynamic learning environment for their students, allowing them to thrive in their studies.

We Bring Excellence to Students

We engage and inspire students to achieve their fullest potential by providing excellent educational resources, programs, and services. Our advanced educational services will help students reach their academic and professional goals — giving them the ability to excel in their academics with adequate support from teachers, peers, and proper tools and resources.

We Provide World-class Technologies

We deliver innovative and interactive solutions that make learning more engaging and fun. As an advocate for a better field of education in the Philippines, we use only the latest technologies to give our students a competitive edge in their academics and future careers. As the world becomes more digital, we want students and teachers to be ready for change.


Big Pond Education is your trusted ally in creating a better learning and teaching environment for learners and educators. With our passion for excellence, we are committed to making a positive difference in the field of education – one classroom at a time. We want students and teachers to be equipped for change through our educational tools and training programs. So, let us be a part of your journey by allowing us to provide you with quality educational services.


Serving over 100 schools across  the Philippines, we guarantee proven educational solutions and services that have helped countless educators and learners achieve their academic goals. We’ve always been at the forefront of technological advancements in the country, making us one of the trusted providers of innovative tools, equipment, and other resources.

EducatorIntroduction to SEL - 1st Batch
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I found it really valuable because it provides models on how I can personally implement SEL in my classroom teaching
EducatorIntroduction to SEL - 1st Batch
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The most valuable aspect of the SEL Training Program is to help us teachers and administrators create a balanced working environment and well-being
EducatorIntroduction to SEL - 2nd Batch
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Implementing SEL is very vital in this day and age. As a teacher, it is my responsibility to ensure that my students are equipped to handle stressful environments while working cohesively and productively with others.