Flexible and secure online proctoring tool for you and for your test-takers


Our advanced proctoring tool is specifically developed to prevent cheating and other forms of academic dishonesty in exams, homework, and other types of tests. It features a unique algorithm that monitors and records student behaviors during tests and quizzes during remote classes. It also comes with facial recognition and emotional detection technology, as well as attention and engagement control that can be integrated into various learning management platforms, making it possible for teachers, schools, universities, and other educational institutions to receive validated exam results.

Video recognition working on the client’s device side

Weak internet signal support

PC and mobile devices support

Data privacy & security

Access transparency

Open API for integration


Our AI proctoring system utilizes artificial intelligence and computer vision to assess and record the test-taking process and identify potential cheating behavior. It also allows students to take tests online from anywhere. With a goal to enhance the educational process, this tool makes it simple and economical for teachers to get reliable test scores. Schools, universities, and other educational institutions can access various features, including user authentication, audience attention control, emotional engagement analysis, tailored course recommendations, and more.

Remote Proctoring

User Engagement

Data Analytics

Data Recomendations


As an advanced tool that offers a complete solution for online exams, our system is essential for educators that monitor tests remotely as it provides a more secure and efficient way of conducting online exams than traditional proctoring methods

Face Recognition Technology

Our online proctoring system is equipped with deep learning technology to process data that analyzes students’ behavior during supervised activities.

Mobile and Desktop Support

Our software can be used on desktop and mobile devices. We also provide user support and tutorials to give a great user experience with our technology.

Data Privacy and Security

Your information is safe with us. Our technology is built with a security system and a data protection plan that prevents any kind of system breach.

User-friendly Interface

Our proctoring tool is designed to be user-friendly. It is easy to install and set up, and it does not require any special hardware or software to use.

Simple LMS Integration

Our unique system can be integrated with your existing learning management system (LMS) via our open application programming interface (API).

Monitor Online Exams Easier with Our AI Online Proctoring Tool

Remote and hybrid classes have redefined the way educators conduct online exams. With our online proctoring system, you can monitor and record your students’ behavior during tests with ease. It also comes with a user-friendly interface that allows you to generate reports, view data analytics, and more efficiently. Test our interactive demo today to see how our tool can help you in conducting remote exams


Whether you’re looking for a real-time or post-review proctoring tool, our online proctoring system is the perfect solution for remote quizzes, tests, and major exams. It is equipped with the latest AI and machine learning technologies to provide a comprehensive and secure online testing experience. This tool allows you to have confidence in the test results while having the ability to assess the student’s actions while they take their exams. To know more about our online proctoring system, contact us today!